Non-Executive Recruitment
Accountable to:
Solent LEP Board Solent Local Enterprise Partnership Limited
Board members are not remunerated but can claim reasonable expenses
Closing date:
8th March
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Recruitment timetable

Closing Date
Friday 31 January 2020 (Applications after 12am will not be accepted)
Eligibility checks on application
w/c Monday 3 February 2020
Applicants notified of outcome of eligibility checks (and eligible new B Member applicants sent joining documentation)
w/c 10 February 2020
Deadline for return of membership and application documentation for new B Member applicants:
Friday 21 February 2020
Advisory Panel to consider all Eligible Applications
w/c Monday 24 February 2020
Structured networking session with Solent LEP Board
Monday 2 March 2020
All applicants to be notified of outcome of shortlisting
Tuesday 3 March 2020
Election process to open
Wednesday 4 March 2020
Election process to close
Friday 20 March 2020
Validation of election result and notification of outcome to all candidates
Monday 23 March 2020

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Who we are looking for

Due to the extremely high profile nature of the role, the Solent LEP is seeking very prominent business leaders as candidates for the role of Solent LEP Chair that meet the person specification set out in this document.

The Solent LEP is committed to having a Board which embraces diversity and promotes equality of opportunity within the Solent economy. In line with this commitment, the opportunity to apply for the role of Solent LEP Chair is open to business leaders from all backgrounds and businesses of all sizes and sectors. Applications are invited from current Solent LEP Business Directors, senior business leaders from LEP Business Members, senior business leaders from a business in the Solent area that are not currently LEP Business Members and recently (within 5 years) retired senior business leaders.

The leadership that the Solent LEP Chair provides is central to the success of the Solent LEP . As such, the Solent LEP is seeking to recruit a Chair who is an influential local leader and who can bring energy and passion to act as a champion for the area’s economic success. The Chair requires sufficient standing to be able to convene the local business community and public sector stakeholders, while having the insight to oversee the development of an economic strategy and the relationship skills to work effectively with government. We want you to have a voice, make a difference and give something back to the region.

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate that they:

  • are an owner or part owner (whether by way of shareholding, partnership or direct proprietorship), or board level or similar officer, of a B Member in Solent Local Enterprise Partnership Limited or a ‘Recommended Person’8;
  • have a minimum of three years’ experience as a non-executive director on the board of a successful company;
  • maintain strong links with the Solent business community and the ability to build coalitions to leverage private sector involvement;
  • have substantial experience and understanding of structuring effective working relationships with the private sector in local, regional, national and international forums;
  • have knowledge, understanding and a demonstrable commitment and passion to leading and delivering economic change in the Solent area;
  • are experts in cooperation, collaboration, coordination, convening and communication to make things happen.
  • have previous experience operating as a chair at senior board or committee level in a complex, challenging and high-profile environment;
  • have first-hand knowledge and current experience of the local Solent business environment, through a strong and proven track record of business leadership at a senior level;
  • have the ability to make informed, balanced and independent judgements on key economic issues for the Solent;
  • have the ability to consider the long-term implications and broad view of issues, identifying opportunities and key risks;
  • have the ability to act as an ambassador for the Solent economic area, with extensive experience of working within the private sector and engaging the confidence of local and central government (including Ministers of State), other public agencies as appropriate and key businesses and business organisations; lhave an understanding of what ‘good governance’ looks like in a regulated public sector environment gained through working with HM Government or the wider public sector;
  • are not disqualified under the Articles of Association of the Solent LEP .
  • An understanding of what ‘good governance’ looks like in a regulated public sector environment gained through working with HM Government or the wider public sector
  • Are not disqualified under the Articles of Association of the Solent LEP.

Applications are encouraged from credible people who can see the bigger strategic picture, offer challenge and insight and genuinely input into the process of advancing the LEP’s agenda of fostering real and positive change in the Solent region for the ultimate benefit of all. Strong partnership skills are essential and candidates will need to be collegiate and collaborative in their style and approach.

If you would like an informal discussion about this role, please contact in the first instance.

Further information


In line with our expenses policy for Directors, the Solent LEP will pay reasonable expenses in relation to any duties carried out by the LEP Chair that represent a commitment above and beyond the usual role of a LEP Director. The LEP will not reimburse expenses in relation to the usual requirements of LEP Directors, such as attendance at LEP Board meetings within the Solent area.

The Solent LEP Board  has elected that the role is undertaken on a voluntary, rather than a remunerated, basis. The Solent LEP will consider all candidates on an equal basis.

Time commitment

It is expected that the Solent LEP Chair will offer a minimum of 1 day per week on average and the Chair should have sufficient time to meet their board responsibilities.

Please note that if you are intending to apply for the role, your business will need to be a Business Member of Solent Local Enterprise Partnership Ltd. As such, if your business is not currently a Solent LEP Member, you will need to apply for membership at the same time as submitting an application for the role of Solent LEP Chair. If your business is an existing B Member of Solent LEP Ltd, and you, or a senior person within your business, would like to be considered for a position as an LEP Director, you will not need to complete a new application for Membership form.

How To Apply

If you would like to apply to become the Solent LEP Chair, please send us:

  • A covering letter highlighting why you are interested in the post, the skills and experience you possess which you feel would be most relevant to the role and how you meet each of the person specification requirements listed in the role specification available here. Please note that applicants that would not be considered independent under the UK Corporate Governance Code are asked to provide an explanation within the covering letter to their application setting out the rationale as to why the LEP should consider such an appointment.
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A candidate statement which you would be content for us to circulate to other Solent LEP Business Members.

Please email your covering letter, CV, and candidate statement to  You will receive an email reply confirming receipt within 3 working days.

Please note that documents submitted as part of your director application will be shared with Solent LEP Search, Employment and Remuneration Committee in order to assess your application against the eligibility criteria in the person specification available here. If your application is considered to be eligible for consideration, these documents will also be shared with the Solent LEP Board of Directors and representatives of our other Higher Education and Local Authority Members in order to inform the shortlisting process.

No documents submitted as part of your application will be shared with our other Business Members except for the Candidate Statement form you provide. Your covering letter and CV will only be used to ensure eligibility against the criteria published in this document and inform the shortlisting for the role. We will hold these documents confidentially at the Solent LEP Office. By returning the candidate statement form to us, you are providing consent for us to share these documents as described above.


The following consultants are managing this role and will be happy to answer any questions that are not covered in the person specification on the next webpage.

Jude Watters
07594 250060
Dawn Faulkner
0121 644 5703
Rachel Salvia
07594 250062